Athena Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Athena Login:

Logging on to the Athena webpage:

1. Logging on is not that difficult when you know where to go. Visit this link: This page is the login page you are looking for, and as you can see, it is actually set up quite well.
2. Now, when you are on this page, you can log in just like you would to any two-step login page. First, type your username into the top text box.
3. The second step of the login process is to type your password into the password section. Be careful, because if you type something in wrong here you may find that you will be requested to reenter your username and password.
4. The yellowish-brown button just under the text boxes will sign you in when you click on it. If you have had no trouble with your password, you should be logged in and ready to go. If you did have some trouble, feel free to read more below about how to reset your password if need be.


How to Reset your Athena password:

1. Visit the same login page that we have linked in step one of the instructions above. Conveniently enough, the link to resetting your password is located there.
2. With just a little bit of looking around, you will notice a "forgot password?" link. Click on this link to get further in this process.
3. This link will take you to a page that wants you to type your username in. Do that now.
4. With this typed in, the next step is to move your mouse pointer over to the "next" button. This button is small and grey and centered just below the login box outline.
5. In just a few more steps, as the site instructs, you should be able to be retrieve your new password, and use it to log into your page. This whole process should take less than five minutes, so don't worry if you haven't done it yet.

How to Contact Athena:

1. Call at: 800.981.5084
 Visit this page: